My GF bleeds after my fingers

By Loving Boyfriend · Woman / Likes Men / Single

My girlfriend bleeds so much after I fingered her. I remembered touching something inside her that I thought was giving her pleasure. She said she's totally pleasured and she felt no hurt. But when we opened the lights, we saw blood on the bed sheets and that got us so scared and worried. I wonder what could possibly happened inside. Please shed some light on this.


Jenny / Woman / Likes Men / Single

Unless she started her period, it is very possible that her hymen was broken or you caused some kind of tear by fingering her. I would not worry unless she does begin to experience any pain or discomfort. In that case, seek professional help. Hope this helps!


Spiritbear / 26 / Man / Likes Women / In a relationship

hi my girlfriend is fine with me finger her but i feel like total dumde i go slow but still i feel total out of my zone.

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