What is the average penis size?

By Dirk! · 35 / Man / Likes Women / Single

What is the average size of a guys penis? I'm dating this guy and I don't know whether or mine is small and I'm worried that the girl in college that I'm dating has seen her share of them and I won't line up with the rest. I'd rather save myself the embarassment and move on then have her see it. When should I start to worry that it may be too small?


Oneman123 / Woman / Likes Men / Single

This is how you should rank it
1.If the guy is 1-4 inches then he is small but can make you cum quicker
2.If the guy is 5-6 inches then he is average and would be with you for a long time
3.If the guy is 7-10 inches then he is large and it could be painful and enjoyment when you have sex and he is usually the cocky guy and he would care for you and be with you for a long time too but he would want you more often than usual. And I have 9 inches and thats what makes me a very cocky guy but my girlfriend knows how much I love her and will always be there for her


Buck_dancer / Woman / Likes Men / Single

If you're 21 and your dick is only 4", I don't think it's going to grow much more, at least not the 2-3 inches you're probably hoping for. You can do things to make it look bigger though. 1. Trim/Shave 2. Lose Weight 3. Don't Masterbate as often (Proven that your dick is at peak length limp more often if you don't whack it so much) 4. Date a petite girl or a girl with a small vagina 5. Make sure you're her 1st and last.


Cathy88 / 29 / Woman / Likes Men / In a relationship

It's like breasts, there's all sizes.


I_love_size_queens / Woman / Likes Men / Single

I look at this way, if she laughs, do her in the ass with no lube, and follow up with a fist fuck. This should shut her the fuck up.


John / Woman / Likes Men / Single

well 5 to 6 inches is really average.
but i want to know that a person who has 4" penis (erect) cant he do sex properly and make his girl friend happy. one more thing a the sane person having 4" dick is 21 yrs old, are there any chances of iys enlargement?????????

plz help


Forgalsonly / 35 / Man / Likes Women / Single

Dont worry Dude, u r ok and make ur gf happy..but u can do some penis exercise. DOnt ever go for surgery or any supplement foods...



Four_inch_penis / Woman / Likes Men / Single

WOW...love reading this GARBAGE!!
Look, this is coming from a 47 year old man, who has just over a 4" penis. I have had sex with over 50 women in my time and lost count, let me make this clear as I can...NEVER not once have I heard a women say a thing about the size of my penis in a negative way. If a women is worried about the size of your penis as far as the satisfaction part..IE..not big enough to satisfy..she has probably worn her vagina to the point where a 2x4 is needed to fill it, so your better off avoiding her anyways. As stated before in someone else's response a females nerve endings are only approx 1-2 inches in and her vagina will close around any size of penis.The only person who cares about your size..IS YOU..average, below average or hung... enjoy sex, put your all into it, and all will be good... ENJOY!!!

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Gimmie / Woman / Likes Couples / Single

"The only person who cares about your size..IS YOU."



Chad / Woman / Likes Men / Single

Average penis size is 5.4 inches in length(A condom company measured men's penis' at spring break, and other studies back that up).

Girth is around 4 inches average.

And the only time a girl will actually laugh at you for your penis, is if it's like 1 inch. Girls will make a small penis work.


Cathy88 / 29 / Woman / Likes Men / In a relationship

I'd say 5-7, too.


Wtsexy / 54 / Man / Likes Couples / Married

I'm 6 1/2 inches and 5 1/2 inches thick....my wife is thoroughly pleased, but sometimes she does enjoy using her 8 inch vibrator, but only 6 inches goes in, so I'd say she is satisfied



Akku / Man / Likes Women / Single

My cock is about 4.5 inches long.So please tell me that is it a good size of a cock for a boy to make his girlfriend happy?


Gimmie / Woman / Likes Couples / Single

There are millions of Asians who would tell you " it is".



Roz / Man / Likes Bisexuals / Single

I like to suck huge penis


Uptownguy / Woman / Likes Men / Single

ok i got it so you are a guy that is dating this guy . and now you also think you may like girls . well let me clue you in there is no such thing as bi. It is just a guy / girl trying to accept themselves as being gay . So they say oh the girls also turn me on . Or for girls that guys turn then on too . But really it dont work that way..you are str8 or you are gay. nothing wrong with that!!! but there is something wrong with lying to ones self .


Onea / Woman / Likes Men / Single


for penis enlargement products!


Dan / Woman / Likes Men / Single

Hey four-incher, it's about time you commented on this. However, in your comment you state how a woman has never said anything negative about the size of your penis. Just because she didn't say it, it doesn't mean she didn't think it. I find it rare for a woman to be completely honest in the sack, especially when it's with someone she's just met.

Either way, you drive the point home. "Enjoy your sex, put your all into it, and all will be good." Couldn't agree more.


Southtexas / Woman / Likes Men / Single

I dont know what the avg but for him thinking he doesnt want to have sex cause he might think hes to small i know what he means. This is just my point of view i know it might sound funny but yea im a guy. When i watch all this porn i see these pornstars with like 9 and 10 inch penis it makes my feel small compared to my 7 and 3/4 in penis. Thats how i think anyway but everytime i do have sex with a girl shes like wow your huge and im thinking in my head really cause im comparing myself to the pornstars but then i usually get all confident when she says that hahah. I guess i just watch way to much porn. LOL


Buck_dancer / Woman / Likes Men / Single

I was just kidding about the 8 inches being average. I just wanted him to feel he was really shortchanged, lol....

Size really means nothing. My penis isn't enormous (bout 7"), but I have good stamina and really know how to pre-heat the oven. That's key dude. It all depends on the girl too. I made one girl cum 5 times in half an hour. I couldn't make one girl cum once in 1-1/2 hours. It takes work on the females end to achieve an orgasm too dude. I'm just saying don't feel bad if you don't give a woman an orgasm. They usually don't care as long as you put in the effort. That's the whole key to a good sex life. Put in the effort. Keep your customers coming back.


Grs / Woman / Likes Men / Single

Sum the length of all previous encounters then divide by the count of all encounters including you. You never know you may be on the right side of the bell curve! or maybe not.


Becks / Woman / Likes Men / Single

honestly, the g spot in a woman is only about two inches in, so a small penis is sometimes better. plus ever woman has a different set up. like guys we have sizes too, so again sometimes a larger penis can be too much and make it uncomfortable for a woman. and i'm sure your just fine size wise. and if this girl you are dating really cares about you, she won't care anyways. besides there's always other options!


Admin Dirk / 35 / Man / Likes Women / Single

I think the average is anywhere btwn 5-7 inches erect. Anything in that range is average I believe.


Bigkazoo / Woman / Likes Men / Single

This girl where I work says that all gay guys have really big ones, and while mine's pretty big, I've been with a couple of gay guys who weren't so big at all.


Kidpinkers / Woman / Likes Men / Single

8 inches?! No way. Statistics show Avg is 5-6 in America, but I've noticed the males I've been with have been a bit more than average. Although It should be medians not averages. I guess I'm just a lucky girl :) The thing is even if you are average or not you should work with what you have. Its not the size of the shoe, but how hard you can kick. Confidence is a plus too.



ALPHABETTRACER / Man / Likes Women / Single




Dan / Woman / Likes Men / Single

I agree with LUCAS's comment blow. I have no clue what you're talking about. Is this your penis? Is this your boyfriend's penis? Are you a dude? Are you a chick?

What I don't agree with below, is that there's no way the average penis size is 8 inches. Eight inches is wayyyy above average; the average size of an erect penis is probably around 5 to 6 inches.

I'm assuming that you're a dude and that you're dating a girl who's been with a bunch of dudes before. So basically, you're saying you'd rather not have sex with a girl because you're afraid your penis is too small? That's tragic.
You gonna be afraid the rest of your life? Eventually you're gonna want to have sex, so get it over with. So what, you don't line up with the rest...who cares? And how the hell do you know how big every other dude's dick is? Have you seen them? I'm guessing no; you have no idea. So stop assuming and swing your thing like it's nobody's business.


Buck_dancer / Woman / Likes Men / Single

The average penis size for a man is 8 inches. How big is yours?

You question is really hard to understand. You're dating this guy. You're dating this girl. I don't even know what sex you are.

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