Should I get a piercing in my penis?

By Dirk! · 35 / Man / Likes Women / Single

I've heard that girls love the sensation of a guy with piercings on his penis. I know they has those metal ball implants that people get on the top of their penis shafts. Are these very painful to get done and how much more enjoying are they versus just a plain old penis?


Zennsketch / Woman / Likes Men / Single

What you really have to ask yourself is not "do girls like this?"

You have to ask "Do I want a piercing on my genitals?"

Piercings are not something you should EVER get because someone else likes them. You should only get a piercing if you yourself want it. As for asking if piercings and implants are painful into the penis? Think about it: you're asking if pushing a razor sharp hollowed needle through your penis flesh ...or using a scalpel to slice open your penis flesh and insert a foreign object into your flesh, then stitch it up.

YES it's painful.

Not to mention your body would most likely reject any implants you would get and you would be left with a nasty wound and scar.

As for the penis piercings, they CAN be an interesting addition to sex, but they can also be a huge road block to sex. Take these things into consideration:

1. piercings take 6-8 weeks to heal, normally (sometimes more).
2. piercings don't always heal, and can even reject.
3. genital piercings must be taken care of hygienically speaking...obsessively.

My suggestion to you is do your research. Check out and also find wiki websites about piercing. If you're still interested, don't just have any tattoo shop do your piercing.

You should look for a very clean environment, a professional atmosphere, and a piercer who is intelligent. Ask them questions. Find out what they think about genital piercing. Don't just let someone pierce your junk for money.

But the biggest thing you need to think about is, WHY do you want this piercing? You won't land more women with a's not a fishing line with flashy bait on it. So just make sure you want that type of body modification for the right reasons, and that you're prepared to do what it takes to take care of the piercing if you DO get it.

Hope this helps :)



Ribbed_4_pleasure / Woman / Likes Men / Single

I personally have one... to be truthfull it hurt like hell for about 30 seconds and then it was done. And the women i have been with since then have all loved it. But it wont help you if you dont know how to use it in the first place, so the choice is still yours


Superdude / Woman / Likes Men / Single

In my humble opinion,one hole in you penis is enough,nuff said.


Oneman123 / Woman / Likes Men / Single

Oh hell no man cuz it would hurt like hell and like someone is torturin you but I'm not gonna tell you how to live your life and it would probably feel weird when you have sex with a woman


AskMyGF / 28 / Woman / Likes Men / Single

It will hurt, of course. That's to be expected with any piercing. The question is how much would you gain from the pain.


Uptownguy / Woman / Likes Men / Single

i want to get a barber shop stripe on my penis . lol.


Murphy / Woman / Likes Men / Single

I personally have one on the top side of the shaft, just behind the head. It's called a frenum. I had just turned 18, and my gf and I wanted to do something fun now that I was also 18. I am afraid of needles, but the choice was a piercing or a tattoo. I could not decide on something that i wanted on my body my entire life, so the choice was piercing. And somewhere it would be discreet? Well, she loved sex, we did it nearly every day of our 2 year relationship, and she brought it up. I made the choice myself, with her to spark the idea. it has been 6 years, and 12 girls later(she was #3), and I have since learned that I am very well endowed, according to my new partners' previous experiences. In every instance, they were very excited, even more so when they had no clue before-hand that I had it done. Every one of them have had it with and without, and on most occasions, when it didn't hurt them, or make it too sore(too tight, and a 12 gauge barbell and balls added), they were more than pleased with the difference. I don't feel much diff, my gf at the time waited 3 days to rape me she was so horny for it, it still hurt, but it was awesome, and I still have the option to remove it at any time. It hurt like hell, was irritating for around 6 mo until i was accustomed to it, but since then I have never regretted it once. And no, it doesn't break condoms.(Trojan Magnum)

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