my wife wants a bigger penis.

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she told me this straight up. we have had threesomes with guys and girls. and we have had one with a dude that was on the bigger side. an i saw her love it. now she sayin she wasnt it regularly. what should i do? not my fault the my man is on the small side..


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If you don't mind involving another man on a regular basis, do so. If you'd rather involve a large toy, that could work too. there are also strap on extenders that you can personally wear to make you bigger, like a padded bra for a woman.

If you don't want to try any of that though, you have to tell your wife that discussing how much she loves big cock makes you insecure. If she gets mad and starts insulting you more, you'll need to see how significant this is in your relationship. It may be dumb to get a divorce over dick size, but you need to make your feelings clear. If you're really insecure, don't involve another man anymore. It'll only make her want the other man more.


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It will be good for your wife to go study with at least one lover. I think the idea of her seeing her lover regularly is good.

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