My penis is too thick -- no joke

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So, this is not a joke. No laughing. I have a fairly thick penis. Not seriously long, but very thick.

I've been complimented about it all my life, but there are some girls that tell me "you're not getting near me with that thing", or they have tried to be polite and try, but i can see from their faces that it hurts, and then its just bad for us.

Some girls are pretty big down there too, so those girls are happy, but I don't get that "tight" feeling.

Its pretty frustrating really, after expending a lot of effort to get someone in your bed, then to get the brush off, because your dick is too large.

What's a guy gotta do?


Jep / Woman / Likes Men / Single

I agree with most of the postings here. If you've even been to childbirth classes, you know a vagina has to stretch to 10 cm (4") to pass a child. Also, a surgeon can slip his whole hand inside a person's rectum during surgery. I have yet to see or hear of a human penis that's 4" wide.

Taking your time, and making sure she's ready are key to a good sexual encounter, and different women are different degrees of ready at different rates.

I've been told I'm huge, but I'm actually about 7" long. My thickness however is over 2" wide, or 6+" in girth. I have never had trouble slipping into anywhere, including tight virgin holes, front or back. And it is the thickness that counts, I've never had a woman not cum.


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You don't mention how much foreplay is involved. If the women you're sleeping with are only partially aroused, or not at all, then sure they're going to find the experience painful. If the woman is dripping wet and begging to be fucked because she just can't wait anymore, then I don't think you're going to have these problems. Make her come before you even try to fuck her, and you may find far fewer women refusing you.

If you've given her sufficient foreplay, (remember, some women may need up to twenty minutes), then I suggest using a water-based lubricant to help ease the passage. In addition, letting her get on top and guide the angle and speed of penetration can help quite a bit.


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I can take it only when I'm on all fours. At first, he has to push very slow, but steady, then once his thick penis is all inside me, I just continue breathing deep and slow. He has to get i in and out slow and gentle for about 20 seconds and of course, kissing my back and my neck, and encouraging me with compliments. After that, I can relax and really take his thick penis harder and deeper. After a few minutes, I can even turn around (without letting his penis sleep out) and wrap my legs around his back and my arms around his neck as he lifts me up in the air and uses me as a rug doll thrusting me in and out of his penis as He stands and I only have him to hold on to. It's just the beginning that hurts, but afterwards, I never want him to pull his penis off of me.


Oneman123 / Woman / Likes Men / Single

i got the same to but its thick and large and when my girlfriend saw it she was surprised and almost passed out but we decided to wait til we get older cuz we are both virgins


Odin / Woman / Likes Men / Single

ive kinda got the same prob. im above avg lenght an fairly thick as well. i havent had women turn me down but i have def seen the holy shit look on their faces. i actuallyhad one incident where i couldnt get in lmao. she was plenty wet... i was fingering her and her stuff was drippin off my arm. it sucked lol. she had only had sex 2-3 times though before me.


HonestHolly / Woman / Likes Men / Single

In all sincerity, there is almost no such thing as a penis that is too thick. The common vaginal passage can accommodate a nine pound child. I believe the women you have encountered that express shock, may just not be that into you, or have never seen such a large member. In the latter case, they are probably relying on tall tales of how they will be "torn apart"...(not true ladies!)
If it is truly hurting your partners, then I suggest that you might take an overview of your entire performance. Are you complimentary? Are you conscious of your hygiene? Is there enough foreplay? The lack of these factors and more, can be the reason a sexual encounter can cause discomfort. As we all know, sex is 99% mental and 1% physical.


Spekrhse / Woman / Likes Men / Single

the first thing you should do is stop complaining

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