19.5 cm long penis

By Labomber · Man / Likes Men / Single

I have a 19.5 cm long penis but i am just 13 is it to big or bad to have such a long penis

Andy ( Giggity Giggity Goo)

Andy / 32 / Man / Likes Women / Just looking

FYI everyone else: 19.5cm = 7.67 inch

That is considered large, especially for your age (you will likely grow some more until your somewhere in your 20's). If you grow substantially more you may have some trouble convincing some women to get in bed with you once they see it, but others may be vary pleased by it, so it's a six-one-half-dozen-and-the-other kind of thing. Just be sure to go gently with women when you finally get around to using it.


Labomber / Man / Likes Men / Single

Thanks for reply

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