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I've been dating this girl for about a month. The first time I went down on her, I noticed that it smelled kind of like b.o., almost an onion-like smell. I got over it (I love going down on women. I LOVE their smell... usually.) Since then, I've noted that she's very clean, but she always smells/tastes bad. I've also noticed the same taste/smell when I suck on her nipples.The rest of her body smells fine. Nice even. I don't get it.
Help! She's fantastic in every other way, but this is turning me off BIG time. I swear, the onion taste stays with me for hours afterwards. She doesn't seem to eat a lot of onions (that I've noticed, anyway.) What can I do? What do I say?


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There are some really immature and unhelpful replies posted here, so I'm going to post this for the people who find this post looking for answers to why their breasts taste like onions. I don't have an answer (yet) but my wife has this same issue and she is as clean as any person can be. She washes regularly (we shower together) and she never has BO. Her breasts taste like onions when I suck on them, otherwise neither her breasts nor anywhere else on her EVER smells like onion. So far I haven't found anyone with a brain who can offer a reasonable solution other than some of the moronic suggestions posted here: bathe more, use soap, quit eating onions, etc. Her diet is very healthy (vegan), she is not using birth control, and there have been no changes in lifestyle that may be a contributing factor. The only thing I can observe in her diet that may be contributory (and I mention this so other sufferers can contemplate if it applies to them) is that she has a very strong sweet tooth. She is not overweight (slim, athletic and attractive), but loves candies. I read somewhere about eating more natural foods, but we have a very non-processed food household although we perhaps could try adding more raw vegetables into our diet. We have not had any luck trying more herbs and spices in our diet as that doesn't seem to help.

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Twenty years ago I worked ina food plant that was hot as all get out inside like 100+summers and 80+winters. It was hard work and we all sweat like pigs. We had a guy of Greek ancestry who smelled like fermented grapefruit. PeeYuu!! Most of the Hispanics smelled like fermented onions flavored with grapefruit. Stinkeee!! I've always loved eating lots and lots of onions AND garlic so I just plain STUNK!! Think about that the next time you eat a cheese sandwich!!!



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2 words!
Listerine Strips...

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Right on!!! I love those things! Put 2 or 3 in your mouth and suck her nips then, I bet she will love it!!!



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Tell her. If she gets all pissed off then she already knows about it. Research some stuff on it, products that help, ways of washing, etc. It'll show you want to fix it, because you like her. Just let her know that you like her a lot, but this is just killing you. It'll help her get over it.

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This is a tough subject. When I first met my last gf it had been sooo long since I'd eaten pussy I went at her muff like a madman. As time progressed her pussy got somewhat tuna like for me to the point where I pretty much stopped giving her oral. While at the same time she gave me amazing oral. Instead of giving her oral I loved fucking her with dildos and dongs cuz they were bigger than I was. Besides which I could fuck her alot longer and she really loved the big dicks. I never told her her muff was...well you know. Another gf I had ate regular (not organic) food like me but used NO SPICES and never ate garlic because of a diet restriction due to being a cancer survivor. I could eat her out for hours. Her pussy/juice had a rather bland taste. Not sweet, not tart, not at all tuna like. But she was a very wet girl and the more we played the wetter she got. She ate more fruit than I did, apples mostly and when we weren't having sex she loved to cook for me. If I weren't such a dum ass we might still be together. Other than that breathe thru your mouth when you (the OP) eats her, tell her in a loving way and try to work thru it with her and she might not get mad about it or possibly see an Internal Medicine guy or perhaps a Gynecologist could help you. Hope this helps some.



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Have her wash down there . use mint soap . instead of onion smell it will be minty !


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I am confused about this... I just sucked on my gfs nipples for the first time today and about four seconds afterwards i noticed a really strong garlic taste and my mouth was dry. Breaking up and getting help are not options plz help.

I can agree with the sweat idea, she had been at class all day and didnt ever have time to shower before i came over so it would have been pretty late


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my bf's breast tastes onion too.


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Tell her to wash her bra more often 90% of the time women wash there bra's like once a month so im guess its her bra festering the rest of her body


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Well, my boyfriend's nipples tastes like onion when licking. but never smells like it. though his armpit smells like that at times.
and i told him that upfront. so he keeps on telling me to put on a flavored lipstick/balm when licking him.

i hope we can have an answer regarding this yuckie matter. let me know.


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You should tell her to take a fucking bath, nothing wrong with that, this is not medieval times, ask her to use this little thing called "soap." There is your answer to a simple question none of the above are true, its simple wash that shit, don't leave it out to dry, aslo check if she's sleeping with other men, that could be the reason due to an infection.


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Uggh onion tits that's what goes through my mind at times, my girlfriends tits smell like onions as well it is sick. She is really hot and I just figured that her nipples secret a woman hormone or something and the bad thing is she allways wants me to pleasure her tits, I guess you get use to it or get clever about it turn on that song sex and candy break out some gummy bears , perfume , tick tac? Well to be honest it doesn't bother me anymore the taste can stick with u if it's strong some days it's funky some time not so bad . I wouldn't let it get in the way, I'm sure you can work around it she may know about it allready but I wouldn't bring it up to her chances are these nothing she can do to change it. My girls pussy doesn't smell or taste bad at all tho just onion tits and a bit of onion smell under her arms at times I think it's a hormonal thing. They also have some candy flavor stuff that taste really good and it's not sticky. My gf knows about her occasional titty funk some how I ticked her into sucking her own tit and she asked me if I noticed the same taste or smell lol. Good luck


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I'T'S NOT HER DIET. It's female perspiration! There is a scientific study online you can read, that will explain that some women's perspiration smells like onions and some men smell like cheese. It's a chemical process. So, the issue is about her being clean. You can approach that many ways. Either encourage her to shower with you, or make a point of telling her how you really like to be clean for her...and see if she gets the creative if you can't just tell her how it is for you. As for her breasts emitting that odor...that's a little odd and an easier area to discuss. Good Luck. :)


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dude i had a gf that stunk too i dumped her so fast i couldent handle the smell or taste it was in exactly the same spots too..well i mean i tryed to deal with it because she was the type to have mutiple orgasms. she really loved my equipment but i really couldent handle her problems it was too much for me your a better man if you stick with her good luck.


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Here's what you do. Ask her what she eats and you would have the answer why or maybe when she was living with her parents maybe the house smelled of onions and the scent must have rubbed off on her clothes which then reached her nipples and pussy


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I'm not gonna lie, this is a rough one. She could have perspiration issues, it could be her diet, it could just be her natural pheremones. I don't see how you can fix this without telling her the truth. But then you're going to make her extremely self-conscious, and odds are she won't like you anymore.
It's simple: Either leave her or tell her how you feel and hope for the best. There's no gray area here. Just make sure you don't come off as too big of an asshole, if that's even possible.

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