My Boyfriend’s Penis is Too Big for My Body. What Can I Do?

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Every so often, a nice woman will run across the perfect guy.  He’s nice and funny. He is perfect, until he takes his pants off.  You immediate thought is “You want to put that where?”  So regardless of your feelings for him, your body (including your vaginal muscles) tenses up, making sex near to impossible.  So, what can you do to get through this?  Well, here are a few tips that might help.

Learn to relax

Although it may sound weird, you are going to have to relax in order to accept your man’s oversized appendage.  You might try some deep breathing exercises as he is penetrating you.  Also, concentrating on a specific target may help you to relax.  For example, focusing on just his eyes, should not only help to relax you some, but will also help the two fo you to feel more connected.

Stretch before sex

You should also try stretching your vaginal walls as well as your lower body as well.  This means leg stretches for your groin muscles.  Try sitting with your legs as far apart as they will comfortably go.  Next, lean forward toward the surface in front of you.  You should feel the slight but comfortable stretching in your thighs up to your creases where your legs begin.  Also, this should be a good stretching.  So, don’t push too hard and pull your groin muscle (Ouchy!).

Stretch during sex

Having your boyfriend finger you during foreplay can help to lubricate the path as well as loosen your vagina muscles.  Chances are if he can play with a couple of fingers inside, you will be fine with his penis.  That said, make sure you take some real time for this.  This probably als means no quickies for a while.  You will most likely have to work into this.

Moisten the path for his big penis

For many women, lack of personal lubrication is the problem.   This in combination with lack of appropriate foreplay can be a large problem  (pun intended).  So make sure you stop be your local drug store, grocery store, or specialty store and pick up a bottle of your favorite lube.  Also, if you are not sure which to get, anything glycerin and paraben free is usually pretty good.

Pick the right position

At least temporarily, you may need to try positions that only allow for shallower thrusting or even thrusting that you control.  For the most part, positions with the woman on top are great for this.  Although this may sound boring, there are definitely some fun variations to this theme.  You can face him or face away from him.  You can also bring in props such as a sexual positioners or a chair to change up the position a little.

Stay persistent

Overall, if the sex is not comfortable, try, try again.  For most women, over time, their vaginal muscles will relax to fit their partner’s girth and length.  So, don’t worry if you are a little tense at the sight of his huge dick.  It’s perfectly normal.

The key to resolving this problem is to be open to new things, relax and have fun!

Master Kye

Master / 26 / Man / Likes Women / Single

Thanks, Ladies please listen to this. Its very good information.


Cathy88 / 29 / Woman / Likes Men / In a relationship

good advice!

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