Van Rolls Into River While Couple Is Having Sex

If you're not careful, you may end up having sex in a van down by the river...I mean in the river! This couple nearly drowned while have sex in the van.

What happens when you're having too much fun in your shady van with someone? Well, you mostly likely reach a climax point because you're getting laid! But this couple got much more than that. 

A german couple in Austria ended up literally soaking wet after their van rolled into a river. According to Playboy, the couple was in their 40's and even though they were completely fine other than a little shock, the river definitely wasn't so lucky. See what happens when you disrupt an ecosystem is that it can physically damage the living environment for many years. 

I really hope this couples orgasms were pleasurable enough for them to not care about the damage they've done to the entire ecosystem. Next time, I'd suggest they simply put it in park and then bang. 

Here's a photo of the aftermath of the wreckage. It took hours to remove the van from the river. 

Couple Having Sex In Van Crashes

My suggestion would be to do it somewhere else. That is, unless you like hooking up and having sex in public places. After all, what girl doesn't like getting fingered in public, right!?!?

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