My Wife is Cheating on Me and I Want to Watch

By Xtinacicchelli · Woman / Likes Men / Single

My wife and I have been married for about five months. I thought we were a pretty happy couple. But, then, I found out she was cheating on me. I knew it because when I called her work during lunch breaks, she was always out of the office. So, one day I followed her from her job to a motel not far away. Another guy met her and they both went into the room together. I was angry... but when I thought about my wife with another man. Surprisingly, I was turned on by it. I've always really been into peeping in on others while they're having sex, but I never thought I could try it. Wouldn't this sort of be the perfect situation? My wife can still fuck this guy, but I just want to watch her. How can I approach her about having sex with another man in front of me?


jMarie / 32 / Woman / Likes Men / In a relationship

This is kind of like what my guy wants but he also wants me to lock him in a chastity device or tie him up while I'm out on a date with another guy. Gee, I don't think I will ever understand men. Maybe it's just the media but this seems opposite of what I always thought men wanted.


Dan / Woman / Likes Men / Single

This type of lifestyle may not be the healthiest thing for a relationship, but if it's want you want to do, this is how you should go about it:
Right after good sex is when people are most honest, open-minded and trusting. That is when you can start discussing fantasies in general with her; then you bring up different scenarios and eventually share your fantasy.
It's simple: You're discussing your fantasy and the best way of approaching that is under an intimate situation. If that doesn't work, try putting on a porno and she how she reacts. You'd be surprised what a porno can bring to the table.


Oneman123 / Woman / Likes Men / Single

Wow I'm sorry to hear that man hope it works out but here's what you can do. If you two are in love and your ok with it then let her. See the problem is that you have seen way too much porn that has the storyline like that and that's what turned you on.

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