Teen Mom 2 Leah Messer Dating Trainer T.R. Dues

Teen Mom 2 reality TV star is said to be dating college football player T.R. Dues.

The famous Teen Mom 2 reality television show has been a huge hit and brought on more MTV viewers than god knows when. Teen mom, Leah Messer is said to have been dating someone and his name is T.R. Dues!

Leah Messer is said to have gone through rehab and other personal obstacles that she's trying to overcome. She has three kids now and has been working hard supposedly with her trainer. In fact, according to InTouch Weekly, she's living with her trainer and dating him too. T.R. Dues! Whether or not any of this is actually true, I can't say 100% but what I can say is that she'd be best to not date anyone at this point in time and just focus on getting healthy. Yes, that means not living with your trainer and not having sex with him. Keep it in the gym, lol. 

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