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My husband cross dresses and has for some time. I will have to admit I do enjoy it. When we go out I have him wear nylons, garterbelt and panties under his regular clothes. I found out talking to my girlfriend that the term for this is “underdressing”, which by the way her husband also practices. My question is this how common is this? One can only wonder.
Wondering in Idaho


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I myself have fully crossdressed in public (not too bad looking..lol)..however most days I underdress...I wear knickers (panties) daily even at work under my jeans.
I am so lucky my GF prefers me in lingerie too!
I shop for myself and if I need help I will openly tell the Saleslady the lingerie is for myself...all have been 100% fine!...and couple have said they think it's hot!
I have worn low rise jeans with a girls thong on..and I have had a few comments from girls such as "nice thong".."hey that's cute"..plus giggling and little laughter!
I do it 'cos it's fun...and sexy!


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After reading Leo’s question about cross dressing and Cloudy’s about under dressing I decide to share what I think and have found on the subjects.
I delved into researching the subject and have read all material I could find on cross dressing, high heels and lingerie fetishes as well as on the internet. Being anonymous with just a screen name men have openly confessed that they do or have the desire to cross dress. Some have the desire to be forced to cross dress, but you can’t force the willing. HIGH heels then lingerie are close to the top of their list of favorites. Some women tolerate their man’s cross dressing in varying degrees. Some know but pretend not to, other tolerate it with indifference. The lucky ones (lucky for both parties) embrace it with open arms and fully participate. Usably it’s the man who initiates the activity, but on occasion it’s the female the category I am lucky enough to all into. I have found some interesting but not really surprising facts. The vast majority of males that gravitate towards high heels and women’s clothing are straight heterosexuals, cob berated by advice columns such as Dear Abby etc. A society we have to categorize, we label them Cross Dressers and within this we further have terms like Transvestites, Drag Queens, Female Impersonators and Genderbenders. Cross dressing comes in varying degrees, form wearing one article of female clothing to full attire trying to be passable as female, some do not even try to pass just enjoy female clothing this has been labeled as a “genderfuck”. Anyway high heels and lingerie being close to the top of the list preferred apparel. Some “under dress” which is wearing of female appear under their regular clothes on a regular basis. Ponder this, a CEO of a large corporation presiding over a meeting in a $300 business suit wearing a garter belt, nylons and panties under it and just maybe he has is high heels hidden in his desk drawer or under papers in his brief case! With high heels and lingerie being close to the top of the list. Some have stated that their wives or girlfriends will not wear exotic lingerie and high heels for them so they wear these items themselves. These women are missing out! I have read and experienced first hand that, love making; sex with both parties in exotic lingerie and the highest of heels is fantastic!


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Cross dressing and Underdressing is quite common. I do both. I have chatted with many that openly admit the do both. I have done much research proving to me how common it is. Many men who cross dress are not passable and do not try to be, they like me enjoy the feel and excitement of wearing lingerie, nylons and HIGH heels etc. Underdressing can also be exciting mingling with people with just you and your SO knowing what you are wearing.

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HOLY BATSHIT BATMAN!! Last time I was in Idaho I never saw any cowboys with their fancy knickers or thongs!!! Weird man weird!!



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*Video response coming soon!* This is more common than you might think, and the main reason is that the corssdressing, female domination sort of culture is quickly expanding nowadays, even if people are trying to hide it. Crossdressing isn't exactly welcomed in society, so underdressing gives people involved in the real world a chance to still fulfill their fantasies. You and I both might be surprised by the number of corporate business men underdress.


Ll / Woman / Likes Men / Single

I agree with Skylane being active in both categories. I recently found a poll saying that of the cross dressers polled nearly 40% underdressed.


12GAUGE / Man / Likes Women / Just looking

Kinky is as kinky does.


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