pee turns me on. am i weird?

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Nothing turns me on more than to see My wife pee her pants. not out of desperation but with full intention. and as the wet spot grows she starts to moan and touch herself in pleasure. nothing in the world turns me on more. i also like to watch to girls peeing on each other. i also like going 69 with a girl and wile i cum in her mouth she pees in mine. how sick dose this make me? am i a perverted freak, or is this kind of thing pretty common?

Bisexual Curious

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No, you are no freak - me and my ex (almost 3 years ago now) used to get it on by teasing each other in the shower with our tongues in the genitals of eachother, while letting water run all over our faces. One night she peed on me a little, and apologized, I think she wanted to "go" for a while but didn't want to do it in front of me... Even though I made a strange face, I told her to continue and turned off the water...

In a few words we both discovered that we should be much more open-minded about our sexualities... You should tell your wife - open communication is key ;)

Andy ( Giggity Giggity Goo)

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For the record, its called Urolagnia.


Heavenlyfollower / Man / Likes Women / In a relationship

case and point

good call heaven


AskMyGF / 28 / Woman / Likes Men / Single

Peeing (i think it's called pissing in fetish terms) has become fairly popular over the years in the sense that it is not super unheard of. It's still nothing compared to anal or BDSM, but it is a more common turn on then you'd think. I'm not entirely sure what the driving force is for it. I think a lot of guys see it sort of like squirting, basically an indication that a woman is having an orgasmic feeling at the time. It's also a bit taboo, like anal, and that always makes things more intense. I wouldn't say you're weird for that alone, although I'm sure some people will argue with me about that. Perhaps I just have an open mind. The way I see it - if your partner likes it too, there's nothing wrong with whatever kind of fetish you have, even if it doesn't fit the norms of society. Norms are for pansies :) Haha.

Take care.

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