By Lovetotalkaboutsex · Woman / Likes Men / Single

do you like it if a guy gets an erectiob because of you and doesn't hide it from you but does so in a non threatening way? R u turned on? would you consider having sex or related activities with him?


Jenny / Woman / Likes Men / Single

Of course I love it when I guy has a hard-on from and for me! Just like making a girl's pussy wet, it's a major turn-on and makes you want to please them more and have them please you. Seeing it and playing with it only makes me want to have more sex with them!


Booboo / Woman / Likes Men / Single

Hell, If I had sex with every guy who got an erection because of me I'd never get any work done. Porn movie studio floors don't wash themselves.
No, I'm not turned on, but that's just me.
>"would you consider having sex or related activities with him" Just because he got a hard-on? That's 90% of the population at any one moment.
So no, calm down, don't get your hopes up.

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