Does ball squeezing cause major damage?

By Dirk! · 35 / Man / Likes Women / Single

My boyfriend likes it when I squeeze his balls and handle them very roughly. I'm afraid of doing so because I don't want to hurt him nor do I want to tell him no because I want to please him. I'm kinda stuck in a pickle here. LOL. Not sure if I could seriously damage his unit and goods in treating him rough like he wants me to. I don't want to be the cuase of some irreversible side effects of heavy ball handling. Any advice for me?


Kidpinkers / Woman / Likes Men / Single

I don't think there is anything wrong with heavy ball handling as long as you're not stepping on them with your stilettos. Maybe squeezing the base instead of the actual testicle would be better since it creates a sense of pressure. Many men are quite sensitive in that area. Just don't be so rough that he'll need a trip to the ER.

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