Realising your sexuallity and telling your parents.

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This is more of a story orientated thing then a tip thing, I know I'm bi-sexual,I haven't told my parents.

I first had suspicions that I was gay when I was 14, I fantasized about hot bulky guys sometimes,but I thought that I might just be at the age where my body isn't fully developed and my brain wasn't sure.

I knew I was bi sexual when I became ridiculously attracted to a school friend of mine, I thought I was gay because sometimes my friends would have conversations about a hot celebrity and I wouldn't find them attractive.

I knew I was definitely bi when I walked through Dublin city holding a boys hand and kissed on Grafton street! (It turns out I just had a strange taste in women).

Tell me about how you found out of your sexuality,how you told your parents,and tips! Also, if your straight,tell us about a time you THOUGHT you weren't lol ;) I love these kind of fun threads and I'll be posting a lot of them in the near future,a good brake from all the penis questions (lol).
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Adrian (resident A-hole)

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uh, my cock is......oh wait, wrong thread!

Loner 23

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lol my mom found out i was attracted to guys when she came home early from work one day and saw me masturbating with another guy! She literally walked in on us lol! It was crazy! i about died! She said she was completly surprised i was attracted to guys lol. She told me she was very sorry for barging in on us like that.


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I had a friend in high school that was bi and she was always trying to get me to "be with her" and I never would even think about it because I had a fiance though I new I thought girls were cute but I just thought it was a "normal" girl thing since we always judge other females anyways. After changing schools I didnt think anything else about it until about 5 years later when I told my husband that I was curious what it would be like to be with a female and have been into females since. I told my dad I was bi and it went well......but I'm scared to tell my mom even though my brother and his fiance know.

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