Really bad time with Blue Balls

By Irishguy · Man / Likes Women / Single

Ok so my girlfriend and I have been going together for 2 months and we have gotten into making out. We are taking things slow I was molested as a child and she was in a bad relationship before me so we are taking it one small step at a time. But here lately every time we get into making out I get the worst case of blue balls every time. I know how this is going to sound but I am really getting tired of having to stop and run into the bathroom to take care of it is there anything I can do to arrest this problem and no having sex or getting anything from her isn't in the solution.

Adrian (resident A-hole)

Adrian / 34 / Man / Likes Women / Married

sorry to bear bad news but if u don't want her to help u out and sex is not an option, ur stuck relieving urself! try rubbing it out like 30 min before you see her, and if you get hard around her, well, that's life get used to it!


TrueLoveSwallows / Man / Likes Women / Single

I think you both ought to face your fears and let her give you a hand with your problem. It will relieve you of your pain and it should give her a warm feeling knowing how she helped you.


Mariah / 25 / Woman / Likes Men / In a relationship

i agree if the answer isnt her helping u out u gotta take care of u do it before u get there or as u have been doing it

Loner 23

Loner / 28 / Man / Likes Bisexuals / Single

You should try masturbating before you go over there! Thats what i used to have to do when i was younger! I never got blue balls but when i would start kissing i would instantly get hard and would stay hard for a long time!

Loner 23

Loner / 28 / Man / Likes Bisexuals / Single

shoot! i still get hard when i kiss my friend but now he takes care of it when i get hard lol =)


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