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I live in the Twin Cities. I have been separated for 5 years and divorced for 2 years. I have had sex during that time about 5 times. All with paid companions. It stinks. I have tried Craigslist, but am convinced that everyone on there is completely fake and a scam. My question is how can I find women who are wanting sex as much as me, and are willing partners? I do not go to bars, and I am not the outgoing popular type. But I am normal, I have a job, I am very hygienic, and I just want to have some women who I can get together with for sex every so often. What do I do and how can I find them?

JustMe ( Ice Queen)

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You could try as JJ mentioned. Datingsite.
If you do that, you can say in your profile that you want a Sex partner. Nothing more or less.
Be honest with them. But I will also suggest you get out a little. If you don't want to go to a bar and havea drink. Then you can go to a coffeebar ask them to join you for a cup of coffee. Outside is better in my opinion.. :-)


Spiralguy1 / 51 / Man / Likes Women / Single

Thanks everyone for the ideas. I welcome more of them.


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I heartily agree with JustMe. You always have to put yourself out to get nookie and you pay for it; one way or another. You choose which way. LOL


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They are going to be adding a dating/relationship aspect to this site real soon, so stick around 'cause it's going to be free, totally free!! You can meet women for cybersex, phone sex or in person if you're lucky, at least it's a start for you. I've met and had sex with women in my city by using a dating site but they cost money and most women are very wary of guys who are just looking for sex instead of a long term committed relationship. But you will be able to meet women who live in the same city as you, unless you live in the sticks and then you may have to travel a bit.


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Good luck; why not just be honest with women you find attractive? Say you're interested in sex partners, romance, dalliances, one-night-stands, whatever floats your boat. Try being direct and get used to being shot down a lot! But, you will gain confidence with each encounter and you may just get lucky. Cheers

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