What is the most convenient place for virgin sex?

By Victoriousvirgin0115 · 22 / Man / Likes Bisexuals / In a relationship
I'm having sex with my girlfriend for the first time but we are both virgins so where would be a good place to lose our virginity?

Lovestoeat / 35 / Man / Likes Women / Married

one of your beds. unless both of you still live at home then get a hotel.

Crazy Dog Lady

Crazy / 29 / Woman / Likes Men / In a relationship

Not to mention, when she bleeds, you guys won't have to be responsible for cleaning up since the maids will do it. :)
I suppose you could also give her every girl's dream, losing her virginity on the beach. :D


Idkwhatswrongwithme / 22 / Man / Likes Women / In a relationship

I second that motion.☝☝☝

You want your first time to be memorable. Hotel is perfect. Why? Best beds to get dirty in the sheets with and without the re-up of getting the sex smell out of the air.

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