The Difference between G-Spot and Clitoral Orgasms

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There are two types of orgasms that can happen for women - one is clitoral and the other is vaginal, also known as a g-spot orgasm. Female orgasms tend to be a bit more complex and misinterpreted than male orgasm, and all women are different. They all respond in different ways and in different situations, meaning no two orgasms are alike. However, there are definite differences between each type of orgasm, and these differences help each woman to know what type of orgasm she is experiencing, and even gives clues on how to reach each type.


Single versus Multiple Orgasms


Generally, stimulation of the clitoris leads to a single orgasm. This means that after a clit orgasm, a woman will not feel the urge to have another orgasm for some time (but remember that this doesn’t always mean a woman won’t be in the mood for more sex!). Clitoral orgasms are usually easier and more reliable to reach, and many more women are regularly able to achieve an orgasm using this method. On the other hand, the G-spot is more known to produce multiple orgasms, and the easiest and most common way to achieve this is through massaging and other forms of stimulation of the g-spot. Knowing this, it is important to also remember that every woman is different, and that it is possible to have multiple orgasms solely through clitoral stimulation. Also, keep in mind that some women don't like having their clit messed with and much prefer regular sex. Others work the opposite way. You need to figure out who you are dealing with specifically.


Location and sensitivity


The G-spot goes to the brain through a different nerve pathway than the clitoris, so the orgasms are obviously going to be different. The G- spot location is generally different for each woman, however it can always be found somewhere about half way between the back of the pubic bone and the front of the cervix. This location means that any stimulation to the spot can produce pleasure on a much more extreme level than that from the clitoris, due to the amount of nerve endings here. The clitoris, on the other hand, is located on the top of the inner vaginal lips and while it is much more sensitive, most women do not enjoy the same amount of stimulation as they would for their g-spot, and so these orgasms tend to come on quicker and do not last as long.


Final thoughts on orgasms…


The bottom line is that orgasms are a very individual thing, and that no two women will experience the same feelings during theirs. That being said, it is known that all women have the capability to have a G-spot orgasm, but not very many women reach that because they're not aware of it or haven't tried it. The clitoral orgasm is achieved by direct stimulation of the clitoris, and is easier for most women to attempt and achieve. Vaginal orgasms are more difficult to reach, but if the woman is relaxed enough, can happen, and are often said to be followed by a profound sense of calm. But just remember that whatever makes you feel more alive and connected with your partner is what counts to most.



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