Strange Ways to Have Sex and Fetishes You May Not Know About

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Aren’t you a wild one? You’ve come here looking to expand your sexual horizons. Congrats. Sometimes normal sex is just plain boring and you have to change things up a bit. Here we’ll look at some less than normal ways to have sex and foreign fetishes that you may not be aware of. Note that there are a lot more of these out there, but many of them are disturbing to a degree. We’ll try to stick to the not-so-vomit-worthy ones.

Up-side down

Though this may defy the laws of gravity, you can have sex upside down. This works best hen the woman is being held by her legs and the man is bent down like he is getting ready to pick something up off the ground. In this position, the man must use a downward thrust, essentially using his dick like a jack hammer. This can only last for a short period of time before a woman has all the blood rush to her heard, but it can make for some amazing orgasms if done at the right moment. The same basic effect can go on if you hold your pee during sex, but that can lead to some golden showers that often ruin moments (unless that’s your fetish).


This is  popular sexy trend in Asia where women literally bath in or drink full glasses of cum. This obviously requires a lot of men (or a particularly “productive” one), but it is seen as a major turn on for most participants. In America, we have swallowing and cumshots. Bukkake is just a more extreme version of both of those.


This is not a sexual activity for the inflexible or squeamish readers out there. During “fisting” a man will literally shove his entire fist and sometimes parts of his arm in a woman’s vagina. This gets some women off, and others just do it for show. Either way, it has to either involve a lose woman or a small fist and lots and lots of lube.

Adult Babies

This is a form of dom (the dominatrix lifestyle) where adult men dress up like babies and get taken care of as such. The men wear diapers and pee in them accordingly, and then the women are in charge of cleaning up. A lot of adult babies say that they find that peeing themselves is often the best part of the experience because of the warm sensation followed by the coolness when a dom mom cleans it up. Whatever floats your boat.

The Hole

This is another foreign practice that you won’t find in the states. In this method of sex, a man simply sticks his penis in a small hole in a wall and waits for a woman to give him a blow job. Guys can fantasize about whatever they want and girls don’t actually have to see who or what they’re blowing. This anonymous form of sex could be compared to prostitution in a way, but the sex involved is legal in those countries.

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