Should I do it?

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So i am a 16 yo male virgin, my penis size is currently 4.5 inches erect. I dont care what anyone else says, i feel like im below average and i am very insecure about my size. i have been in situations in which i could of had sex but due to my insecurity, i try to avoid sexual interactions, although i do indeed want to have sex. Due to my size insecurity i have considered jelqing in hopes to increase my size and girth, should i do it? or is it just a waste of time for no results? if jelqing isnt the way to go can someone just give me some advice. any comment is appreciated.


Lovestoeat / 35 / Man / Likes Women / Married

i have never heard of jequin before so i googled it. it seems to me its just masturbating and that will not help increase penis size. again i only did 2 mins of research and i am not a dr. lets get to the real issue. i have a small penis and i just leared to embrass it. i got really good at foreplay and get the woman really horny and by the time they are reay for sex they dont care what u got down there. in my opinon 16 is to young for sex. if you dont get over it then it could lead to erectile disfuction and that would be a far bigger deal than your size.

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