sex steps

By Anuragrai2222 · Woman / Likes Men / Single

what should be the initial steps during sex with a vergin girl


Arsenal2007 / Woman / Likes Men / Single

you seem to be asking alot of different questions..... Are you sure your ready at all? Perhaps its not the right time...... In any case, there's no easy way to have sex with a virgin, but spelling it right is a good start, lol. Especially as most people who have sex with virgins are either one's themselves or quite inexperienced. The main the point is to take your time and be very gentle with her, other than that it depends on woman to woman. Even get her to insert her fingers in herself and get into different positions in certain ways to see how it feels, and how easy she can move her fingers in the opening of her vagina. This way you can find the best position to begin penetrating her, some women are different like this. But always make sure she's wet first, otherwise dont even bother.


Cal / Woman / Likes Men / Single

...for you ali....blow her up, have sex with her, wipe her down, release her air valve, roll her back up, and put her back into her box!!!


Jenny / Woman / Likes Men / Single

All depends on the person and what leads to her first sexual encounter with you. Just make sure that you ease her into it, doing mostly what feels good to her.

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