Sad Story

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Dana here. So here is a story about me without to much detail. I had a boyfriend awhile back and we were pretty intimate. We had sex protected and unprotected during that time I was taking birth-control. So we dated for a while and we had sex a lot with condoms. One day we went out to dinner and went to his place and had unprotected sex with no condom or pills. I later on found out i was pregnant and as a happy event we went hiking and during the hike i was walking on rocks to climb a hill which over looked the water and while walking i slipped on the pointed rock and feel on my belly. My belly was cut somewhat deep and I went to the hospital and with bad luck I lost the baby. So after that my boyfriend left because he was upset and didn't wanna risk us making another baby and getting worried that i might lose the baby again if something were to happen. It was hard trying to get pregnant when he was making love to me cause it took a lot of tires to finally get pregnant!!! We had to have sex a lot and we kept trying for me to get pregnant.It took like a few months or maybe even weeks to finally get fertile and have a baby!!!!


What I’m doing with my life

Trying to get over the upsetting time about losing the baby. I am now trying to recover from being all emotionally upset and i was a wreck i was so upset and depressed. But i am working on getting better now. I am looking now to raise up my sex life and become more sexually active and try to have another baby or a least have safe sex to help me get over the sadness.



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Hi I'd like to talk about your situation by pm, if you'd like to?

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