need some help

By Choppers2244 · 25 / Man / Likes Women / Single

Hi, Heaven, i have a question about something that me and my girlfriend can find no information on. my girlfriend is pregnant with our first child and she confessed to me that when she goes into labor that she would like to push our child out of her vagina and through my sperm basically what she wants is for me to cum inside of her vagina before she delivers and then push the baby out through it. what we are wondering would that be safe for us to do we cant find any information on that?


Blazedlips / 41 / Couple / Likes Couples / Single

I'm not heaven, and they wouldn't allow that in a hospital. However, if you two feel comfortable having sex throughout the birth process, and it's not in a hospital, work out a plan with a midwifery center?

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