Knowing What To Bring Over To Your Boyfriend's House

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Okay ladies, this is a touchy subject…what to bring over to your boyfriend’s house. It is very subjective to the man, you need to really listen to what his signals are telling you. Some men will be very pleased to have you leave a toothbrush at his house, but some men will panic if you leave a hair in his hairbrush! So here are some tips to know what you can and cannot move in at your boyfriend’s place:

Know your man

Has he had a serious live-in relationships before? Or as soon as it starts getting serious, does he toss them to the curb?  If he has had women live with him before, he hopefully won’t be as gun shy. It is the committed bachelors that panic at the thought of a woman losing an earring in their apartment. If this is the kind of man you are in a relationship with, consider it a potential red flag, but bear in mind you may be the one he has been waiting for too. Just take it slower and easier with this type of man.

Do some self analysis

It doesn’t hurt to be honest with yourself either. Why do you want to leave things at his house? Is it convenience, or are you feeling threatened and trying to mark your territory. If it is convenient to do so then wonderful, so long as he doesn’t panic! If you are doing it to let other women know of your presence, you might need to end the relationship.

How serious are you?

Where is your relationship going and for that matter where do you want it to go? If you seem to be becoming more serious, and are possibly even entertaining the idea of long-term this may be a good time to ask him if he minds if you keep a few things at his house. Has he already left personal items of his own at your house? Probably leaving a few things at his is more than fine if he has.

See how often you stay the night

Another question is, are staying a lot of nights at his house? If you have to continually go home and shower and change clothes before you go to work, it only makes sense to keep some things at his house. Perhaps not an entire wardrobe, but definitely a couple of changes of clothes and a makeup bag.

Worse comes to worse, talk about it

If you still don’t know what to bring and what not to bring, ask your boyfriend if he’s okay with a few of your things over there. If he says no, ask why. If he says yes, ask him what. Don’t take over his whole house with your stuff. Just tell him you want to bring some clothes and essentials and see how he reacts. Who knows, maybe he wants to move his stuff in with you!


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im moving into my fiances home how much should i pack. so far i did my neccessitiess and some shorts and tops. dress and 2 shoes.

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