How to shave each other body parts in a carefully way?

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She has shaved my face for me for me. I have shave her legs for her. We enjoy four playing shaving each other and want to shave each other pubic hair off. We were going to give each other a hair cut first, use an electric razor to give each other a buzz cut, put shaving cream on each other, shave each other carefully, wash each other with moisturizing soap, and put moisturizing lotion on the areas we shaved. This will be our first time shaving each other bald. The skin in both are areas are not used to being shaved.When washing up  (Moisture soap) and applying (Moisurizing lotion) we will not get inside the vagina or penis. Any other safety advise to use when shaving each other and cleaning each other up.? Thank you for reading my queston. Russell


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anybody else click on this because they thought it involved a public display of nudity in a grocery store?


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just make sure that your head shavers are fully charged or thy stay plugged in. it will hurt if they go out in the middle and nix u and it will hurt.

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