How to Secretly Finger your Girlfriend in Public

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A great way to spice up your sex life is to do something dangerous.  A good place to begin is taking PDA, public displays of affection, to a whole new level.  If you aren’t an exhibitionist or are nervous about attempting sex in a public place, try something very easy, yet risky enough to cause a little bit of noise if you get caught.

Fingering your girlfriend in public can become a game that you carry on long after the initial rush of adrenaline.  There is an element of naughtiness that even the most seasoned couple can’t deny.  There are a few basic rules to remember to carry this dangerous endeavor out without getting caught.  

Talk about fingering first

First, I wouldn’t recommend trying to publicly finger your girlfriend if you haven’t openly discussed it with one another.  Public sex acts can be very fun and lead to a more exiting and sexually charged relationship if both parties are willing; however you don’t want to make her uncomfortable by trying this without her consent.

Get the girl to dress right

It is important to remember that this is not a full blown romantic encounter.  In most cases this will just be a teaser lasting only seconds, or if you are really discrete, a few minutes.  For this reason, it might be a good idea for her to plan her attire accordingly.  She should be wearing a skirt or loose fitting clothing to maximize accessibility to her genital region.  There is nothing secretive about fumbling with a zipper and attempting to squeeze your hand into a pair of skinny jeans.

Make a plan, even in a spontaneous fingering situation

There is no “right” place to secretly finger your girl in public.  The more spontaneous the act, the more exciting it can be.  However, for a beginner it might be smart to have at least some sort of game plan.  A great spot for beginners is at the movie theatre.  The setting provides protection under the cover of darkness as well as usually very loud noise.  However, don’t underestimate power of movement in regards to her (or your) silhouette.  She will want to keep her moans and gyrations to a minimum to avoid the possibility of quiet moment during the movie that comes out of nowhere.  This would be a dead giveaway to the entire theatre as to what movie you are actually paying attention to.

Another great place to slip her the finger is while riding a train or some other sort of public transportation.  It is very easy to do this as long as you are discrete and do not spend much time camping in her forbidden campground.  You might try miniature golfing or a similar location with lots of randomly placed hiding spots.  This can allow for a more extended fingering experience but still hold the element of danger as you can see the people around you even though they cannot see you.

What happens when you get caught…

Last, remember that many people do not, um, get off from PDA’s.  In addition there are strict laws against sex in public.  So, be careful.  However, if you do get caught you can both brush it off, laugh and vow to be sneakier next time.  Practice makes perfect.

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