How To Not Get An Erection On a Date (Or Hide One When It Pops Up)

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Men from 15 to 65 have the ability to look at a beautiful woman and immediately produce an erection.  However, when out on a date with a beautiful woman this could be a little embarrassing or even a down right nuisance.  So, here are a few tips that may help to make your little soldier drop back into formation or at least help you cover it up.

The waist band technique

Most of the time tucking your uncontrolled appendage into your waist band will do the trick.  However, you will need to be a little sneaky about how you go about this.  Excusing yourself to the bathroom is the most obvious method to achieving this technique.  Upon coming back you will be more held in and comfortable and she will be none the wiser.

The clothing method

You may also consider altering your style of clothing.  For the most part clothing that is on the tighter side may also be helpful in concealing your bulge.  As most women cannot necessarily tell the difference in a firm or flaccid member, when it is properly concealed in your clothing.  You may also consider briefs or boxer briefs for a little added security.  However, if you choose to stick with your looser clothing, heavier fabrics, such as denim and corduroys , can be useful in helping to hide your growing pouch.

The positioning method

In a diversion and positioning method, you will want to turn your body in such a way as to not draw attention to your groin area.  This will depending on how you date is positioned as well.  There may also be times when you feel like being closer to her may give away your “secret”.  As opposed to backing away, simply adjust your body to make this more comfortable and less noticeable.

The thought control method

Occasionally your erection or semi-erection simply be controlled through controlling your thought process.  You may have the ability to simply think of a few non-sexual thoughts, such as foods or sports, to avoid an impending embarrassment.  You may even want to come up with a phrase that may help or mentally try to name all 50 states.  Although you should be careful, as you may get caught not paying attention, which can be far more embarrassing.

Final thoughts about erections…

Overall, most women understand that occasionally you won’t necessarily have complete control over your entire body.  Also, for the most part, women do not notice if you are standing at attention, unless you are naked and the mood is right.  Just out on the town, you are thinking far more about it than she is.  Next, don’t be ashamed or withdraw because of it.  Getting an erection is a natural part of life.  Although popping a tent as you walk around is not really needed, chances are your date isn’t going to judge you for it.  She may even be slightly impressed.

Finally, remember that for the most part your date is not thinking about whether to she is making you hot and bother or not.  So, you should try not to also.  Just relax and enjoy the time you are spending together.  The rest will come in due time.


Takeastand / Man / Likes Men / Single

Don't hide it that's what you do women love that shit shrl prolly take you to the restroom if you get a hard on during a date


Jon / 25 / Man / Likes Women / Single

thnks i will keep this in mind

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