How To Get On The Good Side Of Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend's Parents

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Nerve-wrecking emotions, anxious feelings deep inside, and even the occasional case of sweating can really overcome you if you’ve been asked to meet the parents of your boyfriend or girlfriend.  Meeting the parents is actually a good thing as it shows how the relationship’s taking the next step into commitment, but it could be devastating if in the end, your boyfriend or girlfriend’s parents actually doesn’t like you after all.  Most would advise you to ‘be yourself’ during these kinds of meetings, but to be able to really make the best first impression on them and to avoid any awkward moments during family dinners, you have to put a little bit more effort to prove that you’re the right person for their son or daughter.

Trying to get on the good side with your partner’s mom or dad can really lift a lot of pressure off of your shoulders, especially if you’ve got plans and goals for your relationship.  If for some reason you feel that there are bad vibes emitting each time you visit your boyfriend’s place or you try brewing conversations with your girlfriend’s dad, here are some tips on how to make those vibes lighter again:

Knowing what to wear

Dress properly – this means ditching the messy, skimpy, or anything that may give off a sleazy appearance.  Moms, for example, are especially keen when it comes to how their sons’ girlfriends dress themselves since they of course want only the best for them.  You don’t have to buy long gowns or blazers every time you join your boyfriend or girlfriend’s parents for dinner, but wearing something that brings out your best appearance yet isn’t too distracting can really add points to your score card with the parents.

Respecting the parents

You know that there are hostilities between you and the parents, so the best way to get on their good side is to show them that you know your limits and respect them as your beau’s parents.  Knowing one’s limits means not trying to schmooze with them during the wrong times, refraining from showing too much affection towards your boyfriend or girlfriend while they’re around, and of course letting them know that you only want to bring out the best from their son or daughter and are not there to hinder that from happening.

Greeting the parents

Though you’ve already been introduced as the boyfriend or girlfriend, it is always much more pleasing when you show respect and proper courtesy towards the parents.  Calling them by their first names though uninvited can really turn them off, thus ruining your chances of ever getting on their good sides.  The best way to do this is to show the respect they deserve, keep your distance unless you’ve been invited, and eventually, they’ll respect you and treat you better as well.

Having patience

Earning the respect and trust of your boyfriend or girlfriend’s parents will take a lot of effort and patience from you, so the best way to achieve that is to be civil about the entire situation.  Don’t be in a rush to appeal to their better nature and don’t try to put too much pressure on your beau just because you feel his or her parents don’t like you.        

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