How to get my wife to blow & swallow another man and let me watch.

By Mike D · 50 / Man / Likes Women / Married

I want my wife to blow and swallow for another man. I'm the only man she has ever sucked and swallowed for. I told her I wanted her to experience  another man's dick  and she agreed to. She was turned down  one time now she will not try again. I really want to wach her pleasing anouther man or at least have her tell me about doing it. But she refuses to even talk about it. Help


RTT0210 / Man / Likes Women / Single

I would first respect your wife decision if she does not want to blow and swallow for another man. ( I am not saying that you did disrespect your wife.) I feel that it's your wife's decision and not yours. Now if she does not want to blow or swallow because she was turned down, then I would encourage your wife to try again.Always tell women they are beautiful and are capable of doing anything in life. Just one thing to keep in mind because she said her wedding vows, she many not want to cause problems in the marriage. It takes three or more people to be mature when you invite other people into your sex life.No married couples want to end in divorced because of bad decisions in your sex life. Some people may get jealous because of the decisions you or your partner make. I wish you well and hope this is helpful. Thank you, Russell

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