How To Date a Psychiatrist

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You might be reluctant to date a psychiatrist because you’re concerned that they’ll treat you like a patient.  You cannot help who you fall for and if you’re with a psychiatrist there are ways to have a normal relationship.  If a psychiatrist has won your heart, take a look at the list below for tips for a successful relationship. 

Don’t Date Your Own Psychiatrist

Not only is it a major taboo in the Hippocratic Oath for a psychiatrist to date a patient (they could lose their license), but it’s also a bad idea on your end.  You might feel close and develop feelings for your psychiatrist, but you need to remember that this person knows all of the freaky details of your life and personality.  There are many issues that you might discuss with a psychiatrist that you’d never discuss with your partner, so don’t integrate love and therapy.  Not to mention, it will be difficult for your psychiatrist/partner to transition from you being a patient into being a significant other.

Never Be the “Patient”

Psychiatrists are trained to listen, analyze, and then provide therapy to their patients.  You need to establish early on in the relationship that you’re not a patient, and you will not be treated as one.  If you are upset with your partner about something and they try to tell you the underlying reasons as to why you’re upset, end the discussion right there.  You have the right to be upset and you have the right to decide how you feel, so don’t be manipulated by theoretical psychological talk.

Ask Questions

Oftentimes in relationships, psychiatrists have the tendency to ask all of the questions and reveal little about him or herself.  Your partner will ask questions and pry into issues (probably unintentionally) but they won’t share intimate details with you in return.  As soon as you start to see this pattern you should break it.  If he or she asks you a question you should reply with an answer, and a follow-up question.  Make sure that your partner doesn’t avoid your questions, so you should continue to ask until you’re satisfied.  If you allow the psychiatrist-patient-like relationship to go on then it won’t be long before you find that you’re dating a stranger.

Don’t Be Self-Conscious

Because you’re dating a psychiatrist you’re probably going to start worrying more about your actions, as you don’t want them to think you’re crazy.  You won’t want to show emotions and you’ll probably be nervous to introduce them to your loony family.  You need to realize that although your partner is a psychiatrist, he or she is still just a person.  They know that you’re only human and if they care for you then they’re not judging every little thing about you.  Even if you do have some kind of psychological disorder (bipolar, depression, etc.), you might find that your partner is more understanding than the average person would be.  Don’t walk on eggshells or change who you are just because you’re dating a psychiatrist – you want your partner to like you for who you are, and not for some fake persona. 

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