How To convince Your Girlfriend To Shave Her Pubic Hair

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Let’s say that a man has met the woman of his dreams. She is a beautiful woman with a wonderful personality and a sharp mind. However, her one downfall is that she has a lot of pubic hair. This can be repulsive to men. Let’s be honest, if you are not, on some level, physically attracted to your partner, the relationship will most likely not work out for the long term.


Do Not Criticize Her


Criticism, even criticism you consider to be constructive, can make a woman feel terrible about herself. Women are known to be sensitive about issues concerning their bodies. If you make your girlfriend feel badly about herself, this will make her feel unsexy. Nothing will kill a woman’s sex drive faster than making her feel undesirable.


Introduce It As A Game


There really is a segment of the American population that views shaving one another’s pubic hair as an erotic form of foreplay. You can try to introduce to your girlfriend the idea of shaving one another’s pubic hair as a sort of game. This will require you to surrender your genital area as well. However, if you are clean shaven too, she may encourage to perform fellatio more often.


Send Her To The Spa


Another sneaky method is to send your girlfriend to a spa, at your expense, for a full workup. Often, spas will allow you to customize your spa package. This means you can choose a package that will include waxing. Let her know that you cannot wait to see how amazing she will look. Be careful not to place any extra emphasis on the fact that she will be getting waxed. You do not want her to think that is the only purpose in you sending her there.


Other Alternatives


You can always be honest with her. In a neutral non threatening way, let her know that you have always wanted to see her clean shaven. Tell her that it is a fantasy of yours and how much it would turn you on. Then, offer to do something to your body in return for her. If all else fails, you can always hog tie her and shave her yourself. Although, this method is not recommended if you do not like prison food or if you do not desire to be physically mutilated after you untie her.


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The first and foremost rule here is that you do not leave open the possibility for the female to take it poorly!

The best possible thing for you is to be successful at getting her to see it as a means for her to make herself more attractive to you when she is naked without her having a negitive reaction to your suggestion.

In the past I have used shaving each other as foreplay and it worked very well because while you are shaving your partners genitals you have the chance to pick moments to play with sensitive areas of their genitals to increase how positively they will end up remembering the experience!

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