How To Attract A Man

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Here are some tips to follow when trying to attract a man. These are tried and true tips I've used myself!

1. Dress for success. Just as you would for a job interview, dress the part for dating. Don’t wear a suit or button your button-down so that you look like his grandmother, but do accentuate your best features in a classy way. Show off your legs if you’ve got them in that mini but don’t reveal the cleavage. If you show the cleavage then wear jeans. You want to lead something to their imaginations, not show it off or let them hang out before he even asks for your number.

2. Smile! I can’t stress enough the importance to smile since it makes you seem more approachable and nice. There is nothing more unattractive than a woman with a frown or unable to break a laugh. Guys love making women laugh and a smile shows them that you’re up for having fun and an easygoing person. Remember to take care of your smile, brush twice daily and whiten them if you have to. It’s free and painless so use it to your advantage and smile at that cutie across the room next time, I’m sure he will respond!

3. Compliment him whether you just met, are dating, or in love. Just like us women love receiving compliments, guys like them too. Let him now you like his smile, if you’ve noticed his muscles, or if you like his eyes. Think of how great it feels when a man compliments your beauty or great personality. Of course don’t overdue it, but a little compliment here and there would stroke his ego in a good way.

4. Don’t make him the center of your attention. While being a good listener is greatly appreciated and a wonderful quality, you do need to show him that he needs to compete for your time and attention from time to time, whether you just met or are in a committed relationship. Make sure to check in with your girlfriends if you came to the bar together or catch a chick flick with your best friend even if he doesn’t have any plans. Men love a challenge and are attracted to independent women. Don’t go to the extreme where you have to pencil him in for dates but do express to him things you enjoy alone like hobbies or hitting the gym. Not giving him your undivided attention will want to make call you and spend more time with you!

5. Flirt! Men love a chase so lead him on with your glances and small touches here or there. You don’t need to give it up right away because a gentle touch lets him know you’re interested. Text him something short and sweet and leave it at that before or after a date. Men appreciate the little things just as much as we do, so flirt it up! Keep him attracted if you’ve already got him then leave little naughty messages here or there to keep the flame burning. And remember like makeup, less is more; you don’t wanna come off like those creepsters with corny jokes at the bar. Just have fun and be yourself!


Southsidestan / Man / Likes Women / Single

by all means be playfull with your eyes
i mean guys like me thats the first thing i notice is your eyes
if you have beautifull eyes you have my attention
and by all means plz 2 words TIC TAC OR SCOPE BAD BREATH IS A HUGE TURN OFF

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