How do I know if my girlfriend love me?

By Mikeb · Woman / Likes Men / Single

I want to tell my girlfriend that I love her but don't know if she love me.Is there any signs that I can tell that she love me without asking her? I think she giving me hints that she love me but not sure. We was in a store and walking past some jewelry.She told me which one she like.There was a necklace shape like a key that she like.I was joking telling her what do the key open.She said my heart.She also sent me a text and one thing she said in the text was my true lover.


AskMyGF / 28 / Woman / Likes Men / Single

The only way to know for sure is to say it to her and hope she responds back. If you feel truly connected to her, hopefully she feels the same way. There is no definite sign though. We women are a bit hard to figure out sometimes :)


Booboo / Woman / Likes Men / Single

Nope, you are fucked no matter what, and not fucked in the good way.

Repeat after me, "Yes Dear. Of course you are right." Learn to say that with the right vocal tonation, right facial expression, and the body language right.

Get used to that.

You'll never figure out what the hell women are thinking or feeling. Stop wasting time trying to figure it out. Even if you can for one nanosecond, it changes during the next. So, you are always going to be wrong...

Get used to that.

Give her your heart. She'll either give it back or stomp on it. Sometimes they'll do both.
Sometimes they don't give it back and it still withers away from neglect. In rare occasions they'll nurture your heart and tend your world into an Eden. AND make you into a better person along the way, if you will only shut the hell up and listen to her, and let her take you into her journey.

That's why we stupidly keep trying over and over... we're gawddamm optimists...well something like that.

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