How can I get my girl to let me fist her?

By Oomafan · Man / Likes Women / Single

I have always been excited (sexually) about fisting. I have seen some porn where the girl gets fisted in both holes, pussy and ass. I waswondering how I can get my girl to let me try that on her? She is afraid to letme try it. Also is fisting, foi the girl, more enjoyable in one hole or both holes at the same time?


Macky / 42 / Man / Likes Women / In a relationship

ummm how about you volunteer on a labor and delivery ward and watch babies get pushed out of the Va-Jay-Jay for a few days then rethink you fantasy...

I'd say that fisting is an extreme sexual sport. If she isn't into it, there isn't much you can do... and dude, if a woman lets you fist her vagina, she is a rare woman. If she lets you fist her ass she is rarer than rare and if she lets you fist both at the same time... she is a porn star and you can't afford to pay her salary. Be content with what you got.


jMarie / 32 / Woman / Likes Men / In a relationship

Maybe you could set the example by letting her fist you first.

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