Need Sex

By Deepti33 · 34 / Woman / Likes Men / Single

Need Sex

Need Sex

Need Sex

Need Sex

Need Sex

Need Sex


Deepti 33 single mother of 2 girls. Working as a Consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton. Looking for sex and dating. I wanna have protected and some unprotected sex. I am taking birth-control but i wanna make babies soon. I will let you know if i want kids right now.
I don't have friends on Facebook yet so please add me so we can chat.



What I'm doing with my life

Having guys cum inside my brown indain clit!! I am on the pill but soon i wanna see if i eventually get pregnant!! Right on i am using condoms but i would like to feel the guy's skin if possible!!!



I'm really good at

Sucking your goods and taking it deep inside my CHACHA!!! I been working out at the gym so i have good strength and i don't get tired alot from riding guy's stick!!

Six things i couldn't do without

The gym cause it gets me fit. I am getting my body ready for more kids and sex!!! Guys like it when a girl works out to get her body in shape. So i hope you work out also cause i need a man that can keep going at me and doesn't stop right away!!!!

Things i think about

How do i work on my Asthma, When i work out i breathe heavy cause i get Asthma. I take my inhaler but i am trying to work on keeping it down so i when i have sex i can control my breathing and not have to take the inhaler. I am working on cardio cause when i had sex i would get tired so i am working on not getting tired right away and how i can keep going.

Message Me if 

Think i am sexy and wanna get to know me. Maybe have coffee or work out with me at the gym or maybe even dinner with some beer or wine and than we could hit the bed for some fun!!



SR340 / Man / Likes Women / Single

Nce! 21 y/o here and I'd be down for some fun if you go that low on age. Mostly Italian here

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