Girlfriend of 3 years won't have sex

By Medaniel45671234 · 19 / Man / Likes Women / Single

My girlfriend for three years has no sex with me she never initiates it. She talks about it sometimes but she always talks about it that it will happen in the future. We have done the basic things like fingering and kissing I have even ate her out but I get nothing in return ever! And I'm always horny I always try to initiate but she always turns me down saying it's inappropriate. But when she is horny she says it's my job because I'm her boyfriend. I have turned her down so she can get a taste of how I feel but then she gets mad and says that "it's my job because I'm her boyfriend." The same happens with kissing, when she wants to kiss me sexually I'm up for it but when I want to kiss her sexually she turns me down. WTF!


Blazedlips / 41 / Couple / Likes Couples / Single

Ask her the real reason she won't give you more?

The female half


Lovestoeat / 35 / Man / Likes Women / Married

I agree with blaze. She has an underlined reason she is not willing to move forward. It's wierd to me... Every relationship I have been in there seems to be a giver and a recivever (no pun intended) like I love to give oral sex and my wife doesn't like to give. But I have been with women who want to give oral sex but don't want to receive. Just my experience.

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