How to make a fake penis and vagina?

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Last night I was asking about if it would feel good to have a vacuum cleaner simulate a blowjob. It was a bad idea. I tried it and the fan from the motor cut my penis. I spent all night and morning in the ER getting stiches. Te wort part is that me Dad is a minister and he says that I am going straight to hell for fantasizing.


HEY hEY!! Guys , girls, CONTROL IT.
there are people in other parts of the world including me who dont get the opportunity to have a girl friend or have sex unless they get marrid. that means taking up responsibilies.If he is ready to support a family well and good other wise he has to wait untill he can.There are religious barriors and the country laws. these types of people really need a fake stuff to keep them selves running other wise if a male does not have sex or masterbates for a long time, they can get get pulvic cancer. I believe you know that.

If you are looking for better way to masterbate:

-The Numby - just sit on your hand until it goes numb - then masterbate with it - it should feel like someone else is doing it.
-Use lotion or lube - you can also try tingling and warming lube for different sensatons.
-Banana Peel - put some lube in it - and hump away.
-Ziplock bag, put some lube in it - then put it in between 2 mattresses, hump away.
-Melon - cut a hole big enough for your penis, heat the melon up, hump away.

sad mother fuc*er get a girlfriend and leave the poor vacuum cleaner alone.

people like you will never get laid.

Natie that was very insensitive. What if he's waiting for marriage and doesn't want to get a young girl pregnant?

go get a disposable visa card and save up $120.00 and get a clone a willie and a flesh light.

Sounds like your really Lonley
Go Get your Self A Damn Girlfriend

The fan from the motor cut your penis ??? Sounds like a load of BS to me.

y wud you want to do that?lol just watch porn of summin lol

I tried it with a bootle and my penis got stuck!!!

Actually what happend is very true.

See my tutorial ,fake vagina'

I have tried warm meat also

LOL get a girlfriend??

ohh stop being mean,,,

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