Does shaving pubic hair make the hair grow back thicker and hairy?

By RTT0210 · Man / Likes Women / Single

I have a very close friend (25 years old) that stopped by one night because she was a little drunk. She lives with her mother and did not want to hear it form her mother about drinking. She asked to stay the night and I let her. I live in a small place and have only one bedroom.I let her use the bedroom, so I got the sofa set up for me. She asked if she could use the bathroom and I let her. After she was done I cleaned the bathroom. We went to sleep that night. In the middle of the night I hear  my friend in the bathroom. I went to check on her and she was standing in front of the toilet, with both legs on each side of the toilet peeing like a guy. I went up to her and put my hands on her hips. She turned, smiled and we kissed. I could her her urine hitting the toilet water like a guy. After she was done,I asked if I could wipe her. She smiled and said I was cute. I got some toilet paper, turned her around, went down to look at her hairy vagina, and wiped her hairy vagina.This girl can pee standing up.After that we flushed the toilet and went back to my room to have some fun. I was combing her very hairy pussy and asked if I could give it a hairy cut. (Joking) She said sure. I got the comb and sizzors and started to give it a hair cut. After awhile I got the electric razor out and trim the hairs shorter.My friend liked the feel of the electric razor around her vagina.She told me it tickles and she should have came her early. I smiled.After that I got a bowl of hot water, razor, shaving cream, and moisturizing lotion. I lather up her vagina and started to shave the hairs off. After that I put some moisturizing lotion all around her vagina.She told me she always want to shave her pubic hairs, were afraid of cutting herself.It took me about an hour to shave her pubic hairs off. We are now going out together.She has now let her pubic hairs grow back and she is afraid to shave anymore beacuse her pubic hairs are growing darked in color, thicker (Fuller bush) and a little more hairs growing around her legs and few hairs under her belly button Thank you,R.T.T.

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