convincing a Christian guy that sex is OK

By Crazy Dog Lady · 29 / Woman / Likes Men / In a relationship
So here's the thing, a few days ago I went on a date with a guy in his 50's. We'd actually been talking for several days before we went out. His wife had left him last year after 27 years of marriage. To this day, he can't figure out why she up and booked it to California without a word. Apparently they were both devout Christians, so they were both virgins before they got married. I actually didn't find this out till the day we met. In the past few days, I'd told him all about my past sex life including my having had sex with girls. I also told him about my ex fiance working at a strip club, so nothing was a secret to him. When we were talking, he seemed very intrigued by me, and so I really didn't think my sex life would bother him. Then again, I also didn't know he was a Christian till we'd met in person. We really didn't do much more than kiss on our first date. Well maybe he did cop a feel, but it doesn't really count for anything. Up until this point I'd been hooking up with guys on CL, so I'm used to guys groping me on the first date and then ending up in the back of their car. Well last night the guy sent me an email and said that he'd done some heart searching these last couple days, and he explained that since we were both Christians, he thought that ripping off my clothes and jumping me was wrong, and he was glad nothing happened on our first date. He also thought that I was sweet and he didn't wanna take that away from me, and if he was gonna find a wife, he wanted to do things right. I find this funny since he'd had sex with 2 other girls after his divorce, so obviously he was OK with it at the time. I could also tell that he was very turned on by me and was trying hard to hold back every fibre of his being not to fuck me right in the middle of the dog park. It was frustrating to have to email him back and explain to him my views on sex and reiterate that I'm very liberal despite my strict Christian upbringing. In a way I found it funny to have to explain to him that he wasn't corrupting me by any stretch of the imagination. I really do like this guy and we have so much in common. Obviously I'm not looking to get married anytime soon, but I do see good potential for a relationship. If anybody has any suggestions on how I can flip a switch here, please bring it on. :)

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to me it sounds like the two other woman where rebounds and when he realises that he may have feelings for someone he compares her (you) to his wife and maybe he is not over her yet.

Crazy Dog Lady

Crazy / 29 / Woman / Likes Men / In a relationship

Well, maybe, but what's funny to me that I still can't wrap my head around is that he thinks he's hurting or corrupting me in some way if he has sex with me. I've had sex with way more people than he has, and have probably done way more crazy shit, so I am not innocent by any stretch of the imagination. He's had sex with 2 other girls and does watch porn and doesn't have a problem talking about what he likes and dislikes sexually, so obviously he likes sex. I know this is stupid, but I really do think that the whole Christianity thing is his only hangup. Most devout Christian guys would have an issue with how open I am sexually, but that didn't seem to be a problem with Eddie. In fact he was very intrigued by me, although he did mention that since I've had over 30 guys, he didn't wanna be a stop along the way to 50. Most devout Christians would also have an issue with the knowledge that I'd had sex with girls, but Eddie didn't even ask me questions about my sexual orientation, so it must not be a concern for him. I now wonder if maybe it might've been better not to tell him I was a Christian. That way he wouldn't have this hang up. Gah, where's Heaven when you need her the most? She grew up very similar to me and we both think alike, so if she were here she'd probably have some good insight.


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i know. i try to keep conversation going here at askmygf but it turns out that most people would rather listen to a hot girl who talks dirty and pulls off that teacher who will spank you if you talk back look rather than an overweight balding jewish guy. who know? LOL.

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