Best Sex Positions for Guys with Big Dicks

By AskMyGF · 28 / Woman / Likes Men / Single

Ladies, by now most of us have been with a man that was very well endowed.  For those you us who have, we realize that there are certain positions that (due to his oversized member) are just not possible.  For those of us who haven’t, you may be looking for some ideas on how to manage this without hurting you or him.  Well here are a few that may be just the ticket.

The cowgirl or reverse cowgirl

For this position, your partner will lay face up on a bed or surface.  You will straddle him, either facing toward or away from him.  This position lets you to control how much thrusting and how deep or shallow the penetration is.  The “reverse cowgirl” can also be great in combination with toys as it also allows for clit or scrotal (his balls) stimulation.  This can make for a pleasurable experience for both.


You would lie on your back with your legs bent at the knees to make an arch.  Your partner lay on his side under the arch made from your legs.  This will make the “T”  and lets you control just how much of his dick that penetrates you.  This can be an especially useful position for those of us with a more shallow vagina.  Plus, it leaves your hands free to play.


With the position, both of you will lay on your side facing the same direction.  This position is actually perfect for men with larger penises, because it decreases the chance for “pop outs”.  This position will allow for better depth, thrust and rhythm control as well as stimulating the shaft with your thighs.  Thus, greater pleasure for both of you.

Lap dance

You should have your partner sit in an armless chair.  While facing your partner, straddle him with your feet on the floor.  You will then control the whole show.  As his hands will be free to roam, he will be able to stimulate your clit or breasts as well.  This position can also be adapted to face away from your partner as well.  Again, this position works best with a man with a larger dick, as no body likes slip outs.

Rear entry

No, not that kind (unless it’s your thing).  You can stand or kneel for this, but whichever you choose, make sure to keep your thighs together.  This will apply more pressure to the penis, thus give you more control of how far in he can go.  This position will require some trust that your partner will have enough self-control not to go too fast or thrust too hard.

Thoughts on big dicks and sex

Each other these positions has their own benefits and disadvantages, but they should show you that with a little creativity, you should be able to work around any larger situations that may arise (pun intended).  Also, if there is any discomfort on penetration, some deep breathing, relaxation and lube can help you slide right into a more pleasurable position.  Finally, sex is should be fun.  So, don’t let a little intimidation from your guy’s above average dick ruin what could be a great experience.


Cathy88 / 29 / Woman / Likes Men / In a relationship

girl on top works well for me because I can control the depth better., But he likes me on my back sometimes so he can watch my reactions.


Longhornchick / Woman / Likes Men / In a relationship

For me, riding him (either on the bed or with him sitting in a chair) or Doggie Style are the best!!!


Cathy88 / 29 / Woman / Likes Men / In a relationship

I think with time if the guy is gentle you get used to it, (I did).

Master Kye

Master / 26 / Man / Likes Women / Single

This is some great info!! And it totally works too! I'm very large and I have a hard time in some positions. Thanks!

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