Best Sex Positions for Fat People

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Regardless of what popular media displays, the majority of people are not a size 2.  The recent Fox reality show “More to Love” has received mixed reviews as people debate whether they want to see fat people being intimate.  Well, sorry to be the one to break it to you, but the “reality” of the situation is that fat people love sex too.  So what exactly are the best positions for someone of large stature?  Here is a breakdown of the top 4 sex positions for plus sized lovers.


Although this may be a tough thing to visualize, fat people can very much enjoy the most commonly practiced position.  It may take some imagination and minor tweaking but the result can be worth the practice.  Start by placing pillows underneath the woman to raise her pelvis.  A must have for fat people sex is a variety of pillows ranging in shape and size.  Instead of the traditional man lays on top, try spreading her legs and bending her knees.  At this point the man moves forward, on his knees, until he can enter her vagina and rest comfortably on her legs.  If she has large thighs, it might be a good idea to stretch before attempting this position so she does not pull any muscles.

Doggy Style

Even with a super-sized backend, virtually anyone can get pleasure from this position.  If it is difficult for the woman to hold her weight up as the man thrusts from behind, the previously mentioned assortment of pillows can be her best friend.  Position them in a way that she can relax completely and enjoy the physical sensations but they do not interfere with his thrusting space.  Doggy style is notorious for being the easiest way to reach a woman’s G-spot due to it being located at the top of her vagina, and anatomy does not change with the number on the scale.

Woman on Top

This is a very pleasurable position for both parties if done correctly.  However, you will want to make sure the positioning is right before going to town.  The sheer weight alone can bring an intimate night to a screeching halt if she lands on him the wrong way.  The best way to maximize this sexual experience is again to use pillows. Make sure both parties are well supported.  Once in position the woman will lower herself slowly onto the man until he is deep inside of her.  At this point the sky is the limit.  Ride him like the wind.  A great tool in this position is the wall.  As she moves rhythmically on top of him, she can support herself with the wall located right above his head.  This will allow for the intimacy of eye contact as well as give the deepest penetration possible.  A great variation of this position is to have the woman face the man’s feet.  This way, there is no worry of tummies getting in the way.

Night Stand

Another favorite requires the man to stand at the foot of the bed.  The woman lies flat on her back and scoots until her buttocks are at the end of the bed.  At this point, he can hold her feet in his hands giving him control of her lower region.  He can explore a variety of options varying from the angle he holds her legs to depth of penetration by simple adjustments.  This also is a great position for oral sex because it gives more moveability for the party who is performing the service

Thoughts about fat people and sex in general…

Being overweight will usually require increased communication in order to make a sexual position work comfortably.  However, those heightened communication skills give you a leg up (no pun intended) on your fellow skinny friends that can perform an entire sexual marathon without ever speaking a word to their partner.  It is important to note that the most powerful sex organ is your mind.  As long as you feel confident and are able to communicate your feelings, the sky is the limit.    


Harry / Woman / Likes Men / Single

my wife has an overweight boss ,recently she has been aqcting strange they are always going on business trips 3 to 4 days, when she is gone very rarely calls and then it is short, recently when she comes home she very touchy and kissy, never like that before,. now the last time she came home she has been wanting to try several different positoins ,mainly for overweight people doggy, and one from the back w/leg over me,. is she screwing this fat pig while away?????????????


Pudgy / Woman / Likes Men / Single

ok harry stay calm when ur with friends do u talk about sex maybe her and her boss have just been comunicating and about eachothers love lifes females do that and suggestions may have been made if she was sleeping around she would be distant and not affectionate lack of calls and shortened talk time may be doe to a heavy work load and she may want to do then not because they r for fat people but because they offer maximum penatration with minimal effort


Bella / Woman / Likes Men / Single

If your gut is feeling it go with it, married for 15 years my husband after 15 years lost his way Hmm made a bad choice for two month had a affair, and I felt it in my gut. So never say never.. Good luck.

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