Best Places To Go On A Date

By Dirk! · 35 / Man / Likes Women / Single

Here are some tips for finding places to go on dates with that lucky girl or guy.

Remember the season - Remember which season you are in when playing the field and getting out there to go on dates. If it's summer time I think an awesome and inexpensive thing to do is to go on a date to the beach or a nice picnic outside. If you are prepared and a girl will appreciate it much more. Don't wait until the last minute to pick up items for the date. Be ready! If it's winter time then a snowboard or a skiing lesson is always a great time! Keep the season in mind and "flow with it".

Same interests - Does she have a Boston RedSox or NY Yankees key chain or any sports apparel you've seen her in? Take her to a game! Search for similar interests. If you think you have the slightest idea of what interests her then run with it and at the very least give it a shot. Make sure you find a shared balance in interests between the two of you.

Keep it Simple - If this is a first date then keep it informal. An nice informal dinner or lunch at a restaurant that you know is good will be perfect. Anything formal is likely to end up not good. People get nervous as it is on dates. Why increase that with some black tie event or anything. Like I said, stick to the casual because after all that is what you will be doing most of the time.

Make her laugh - Comedy clubs are always great places to take a date too! These comedy clubs give you enough time to chat with each other during intermissions and maybe even through in a casual dinner before or after. Try and pick a comedian that you think will entertain the both of you. Stay away from Andrew Dice Clay and the real raunchy stuff though. SOme girls may find this offensive.

Art to start - Most major cities have art galleries that you can mingle and treat your date with some appetizers and wine. This is very cool and laid back. Checking out art galleries is always a lot of fine in my opinion. Drinks, food and creativeness...what's not to like? Following a nice gallery viewing you could head to a near by restaurant and have some more drinks and appetizers.

Look at that animal wow - Animal parks and zoos are always fun. Girls may dislike the smell but trust me they find at least one animal at the zoo cute. A trip to the zoo or even aquarium is a no brainer. I personally like the interactive activities at these places. It definitely makes for a memorable date.

Iced soy latte please - If you don't have alot of time or you are dating during your workday then a coffee shop date is a good idea. These dates will give you both much needed time to discuss personal likes/dislikes and really get to know eat other. One downside is that no one really likes coffee breath. Pack some mints in your pocket. Ask questions and try to get to know her here without being creepy or asking too much. And remember...always offer to pay for the coffee if she doesn't have one when you get there.

Awesome concert - Concerts or lounges that play music are great places to go on dates. Make sure you do a little research and find out if the person you are taking as at least a slight interest in the band or genre of music. Leave time prior to the concert to talk because its a concert and loud which makes it hard to communicate during the show.

To sum it up make sure you are honest, casual and keep it fun! Remember you want this person to like the day-to-day you. Show them that person and if all goes well you will both be happy and have a great time!

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