i want to fuck a girl near to me how can i attrack her for sex?

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Lili Feodorovna Nicholeav

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This is in the relationships section. I would think that's bf/gf, husband/wife advice etc. Are you asking just how to get a female to walk over to you so you can stick your penis in?


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I think that's what he's asking. Very crude, and ineffective :-)


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They are all different so there is no one answer fits all. If you want to attract a girl, find out as much as you can about her and what she likes. Then try to emphasize those things in your personality and/or behavior. Some chicks are turned on by guys with big muscles, others think big muscles look gross. Some girls get turned on by a big dick thinking the bigger the better. Others don't want to have to contend with something so big. They would much prefer a regular size dick.

If all else fails, you could try rolling up some socks in putting them in the front of your tight pants to make it look like you are well hung. A roll of quarters in your pants pocket can also attract attention.

Punking you hair and dying it a weird color can draw as much attention as a person with his pants falling down. But you have to ask yourself whether she finds that attractive or ridiculous.

Lili Feodorovna Nicholeav

Lili / 52 / Woman / Likes Men / Just looking

Nirab, sex is a back and forth communication, being able to laugh with someone, the two of you dancing well together, etc. Get out among men and women and do what you enjoy. After a bit you will just naturally attract someone who with you will be all those things. Sex will come.

If you obsess on sex as a separate thing, good luck! Maybe it's different where you are.

Let us know after you try the advice we gave, and what it's like over there.

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