Anyone here use Omegle?

By MrManners · 37 / Man / Likes Women / In a relationship

A number of my single friends are dumping dating sites and using a chat site named Omegle. Not sure what the rage is, but they claim to meet lots of people from around the world. When I tried it, it reminded me of old school Yahoo or MSN chats except with a webcam.

Anyone have comments on this sites? What are the security/technical risks, phishing, or other crapola that can come about? I want my friends to be safe, but also they are not savvy enough to understand some of the hidden issues.

My sense is there are a few dudes on there. LOL so better for women then men.

Everyone - brain dump on this one.


Mcgabgab321 / 22 / Man / Likes Women / Single

if you can find a girl your age to talk to and doesnt think your a creep then go ahead but chances are your prob wont find"the one" on the first try. it may even take days before you find a single girl you can talk to.


Mariah / 25 / Woman / Likes Men / In a relationship

i have a friend who uses this site but they say its more of a joke type of thing its basically roulette of dating people are always showig "body parts" thinking someone will jump on them through the screen i guess


Alf / 33 / Man / Likes Women / Single

I checked this site out and did the web cam thing and seen more dicks then anyone should ever see. Out of the hundred cams I went threw 6 were girls and 4 or them were underage. I say that this site is worthless and a pedophiles dream. There is no way to navigate who your going to talk to and they can easily lie cause theres no profile to get a little info on the person either.
Ladies if you want a good laugh go for it. Guys, you have been warned. Its a sausage fest.


Mr / 36 / Man / Likes Women / In a relationship

i agree. my sausage is there. i often get a girl to ''coplay'' with me. but be careful about her age, she could be young so check her out before you do something

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