why does my gf's body twitch when she gets off?

By Odin · Woman / Likes Men / Single

when my gf gets off her body will twitch sometimes. sometimes its her legs, sometimes its her arms. when she gets off when shes on top its her legs and they hardly twitch. when im on top an we finish at the sa,e time its her arms and legs with about a medium twitch. and if i keep goin while shes getting off and after her whole body twitches a lot. i can feel the bed shaking from opposite ends and i can see it from across the room. and it lasts at least 5 min. her body has never done it before until me. so i assume its a good thing... but its driving her nuts because she dont know why.


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An orgasm is really nothing more than an intense and relieving muscle spasm. For women, it's not about shooting off an explosive load of relief. It's about muscle contractions that feel damn good...haha. Her body twitching is merely a sign that she's thoroughly enjoying the sex you guys have. I've had it happen as well, especially during those hot, sweaty, heart racing a million miles an hour nights of sex. When every ounce of energy she has in her body is all working toward one orgasmic goal, expect a twitch or two to result. It's not a bad thing at all :)


Odin / Woman / Likes Men / Single

i didnt think it was a bad thing. i just wanted to find out so i could inform her as to why its happening. you said it happens to you on the million mile an hour nights.... well she even does it on the slow nights. ill even stop as she gets off. and her body start doing it lol. but on the million mile an hour nights it is a lot more intense. but ill just enjoy it... lets me know im doin somethin right haha.

thanks for the answer :)


AskMyGF / 28 / Woman / Likes Men / Single

Not a problem. Her slow nights may still be intense :) Give yourself a round of applause man...haha

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