What Is Breath Orgasm

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Tonight, me and my girl will do breath orgasm.

How is that done? If I can get a Lehman's term definition, I would appreciate it.

From what I understand it's about holding breath and exhaling during ejaculation.


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I think a breath 0rgasm is designed to allow you to have a complete 0rgasm without ever touching yourself or another person. I saw a group of people do it in a documentary once. They did a lot of strong inhaling, exhaling, and energy releases, and eventually they all had an 0rgasm just by breathing. It's an advanced se.xual ability that may take time and practice to perfect. I would suggest experimenting on your own with it before you do it with a partner. I don't think it will just happen on a whim.

On a side note, you may try ch0king each other as you 0rgasm. It sounds abusive, but denying each other of breath for a brief moment can really intensify the experience. You obviously have to be careful not to suff0cate the other person, but applying pressure to the throat so just a little air comes in can make for an intense climax...at least from my experience.

Good luck


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Thanks a lot.


AMS (the Medical Mizard )

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Two quick points. Breath Orgasm can refer to two things.

1. Is a psychological exercise to use breath as a way of releasing "energies" from the body to lower your desires/"undesirable" thoughts to the point that this release frees you from them. There is no actual orgasm but the exhaling is the orgasm.

2. It can also refer to auto-erotic asphyxiation. Essentially you starve the brain or restrict the supply of oxygen during arousal and pre-orgasm to heighten the sensation of the orgasm. As your brain loses its oxygen you feel light-headed, a sense of floating and so on and this is supposed to boost the euphoria you feel when you orgasm as you again allow you brain access to oxygen.

The second one is one to be careful of as people have died doing this either alone or with an inexperienced partner where forced breath depravation is involved instead of just holding your breath. The brain is delicate and it will shut itself off progressively to keep you alive and if you deprive your brain of oxygen for too long you can cause damage.

Breath depravation/restriction can also cause cardiac arrest/defib if the restriction is overdone or is done suddenly due to the change in blood-gases and adrenalin.

I am not going to go through the ways to do it but I will say if you want to try it, follow Heaven's advice, have a partner and not do it alone, do it for a BRIEF moment, make sure you can still catch a full breath and are not struggling to breathe and have a safe word or action so you partner knows when you are in trouble and can release their grip.

Ok, maybe not so quick after all.

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