How to make my cum milky white and thick? plz reply

By Okokok · 28 / Man / Likes Men / Single

how to make my semen like real manly it some time come out like water and so watery i want it to be like thick body lotion, u know?


AskMyGF / 28 / Woman / Likes Men / Single

All men have different semen densities. You can try waiting for a few days to masturbate and then giving it a go. That way you have a buildup. Otherwise I've heard that either Zinc or protein can help, but I don't know how valid that is.

Albus / Anonymous

Albus / 25 / Man / Likes Men / Single

Thick sperm:
Eat a lot of red meat + greens and a lot of beer.
Unhealthy foods -> thin
Healthy foods - thick


Okokok / 28 / Man / Likes Men / Single

thankx. don't u know more other ways?

Albus / Anonymous

Albus / 25 / Man / Likes Men / Single

Did you know ants eat sperm..
Hmm.. well for me if i give up masturbation/eruption for about 2 days the build up will be huge. But then it depends on how sexually active you are.

And dare i say it... its not good for your body but.. drink less than 3Litres of water a day.

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