how long can you store sperm for later drinking?

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how long can you store your sperm for later drinking? my girlfriend wants to drink my sperm almost everyday but due to work schedules we occasionally see. so if I store my sperm in a container and store it in the freezer how long would be the best and recommended time for storage? if I collect my sperm for a month or a month and 2 weeks then bring her what I've collected will it be still good enough to drink? thank you


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I don't think the frozen storage abilities of sperm has been tested, and if it has, I have no clue what the results were. Sperm frozen in liquid nitrogen at sperm banks and stuff is said to last hundreds of years, but I would be highly skeptical of your freezer's abilities at home. I wouldn't go any longer than a week or so, but I'm not one for leftovers in general :) If it starts to smell funny or crust up, toss it.


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ok thanks.. one week will do :)

Mr. Freeze

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I've saved it for around a month. As long as u keep it in a sealed container, and don't let any thaw when u are adding to it, it should be fine. Just don't warm it up too fast when u want to use it. It won't taste the same. Great sounding girlfriend i might add.


Ninja23 / Woman / Likes Men / Single

thank you mr. freeze..

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